Wild Life Sydney Zoo

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

The idea of a huge menagerie of wild animals – some deadly – living in natural habitats in the centre of a concrete jungle sounds too fantastic to be true.

But that’s exactly what’s going on Wildlife Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour, next to Sydney’s CBD.

This unique interactive zoo comprises condensed versions of Australia’s iconic habitats, with a huge lineup of creatures in residence.

One of the biggest crocodiles on the planet lives here in his own gorge. There’s a bunch of kangaroos and koalas hanging out under the trees on the roof. Two snarling Tassie charmers called Oreo and Big John skulk in Devil’s Den. Their many friends and neighbours are a ‘Who’s Who’ of the Australian animal world.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo Experiences

A trek through Wild Life Sydney Zoo gets you tantalisingly close to animals going about their business in habitats that replicate real environments. The authenticity of these habitats makes it easy to forget you’re in the middle of the city. A lot of thought, effort and many truckloads of botanicals have gone into this place.

For instance, the crocodile enclosure looks so real, you could video it and claim you were in Kakadu Gorge. Same goes with Gum Tree Valley which looks and smells just like the gum tree forests on the East Coast of Australia.

Various interesting activities take place during the day at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, including feeding, talks by keepers, and animal encounters. There are also shows featuring various creepy crawlies and reptiles – some of them poisonous, which adds to the thrill factor.

For a bigger buzz, check out these add-ons on offer at Wildlife Sydney Zoo.

Wild Discovery Zone is a hands-on investigation into what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s designed to open kids’ eyes, minds and hearts to Australian wildlife, with opportunities to see and hold animals, and inspect bits of them under microscopes.

Koala Breakfasts are a great start to the day, kicking off at 7.30am with a guided tour of the zoo to see the animals when they’re at their friskiest and noisiest. A buffet breakfast is included, with koalas and a keeper for company, an informative chat about the furry guests of honour, and a photo.

Koala Encounters on the roof deck at Wildlife Sydney Zoo also provides photo opportunities. Although you’re not allowed to pet them, you can get very close. They smell like the bush.

For more information, activity timetables and online books go to Wildlife Sydney Zoo.