Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is way up there

When it comes to heart-in-mouth exhilaration, with no risk to life and limb, you can’t beat the high of a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

This awesome experience is a once-in-a-lifetime adrenalin rush, offering eye-popping views of the planet’s most beautiful harbour, iconic Sydney Opera House, and the distant Blue Mountains. At certain times of year you might even spot a whale.

Who can do the Bridge Climb?

All kinds of people do it – from thrill-seeking grannies, to world leaders, families, rock stars, royalty, and couples wanting to tie the knot on top of the world.

Number one on the bucket list of many Sydney-siders and visitors, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is open to anyone over the age of 10 who’s in good health, over 1.2m high, and can climb independently.

Keep in mind that you’ll be breathalysed for alcohol, so save the celebratory champagne for after your climb. If you blow .05 or more you’ll have stay on the ground.

Scared of heights? Don’t worry – each bridge climb is fully guided by professionals skilled in helping people overcome their fear of high places. This would have to be the coolest, safest way to overcome your phobia.

Choose your Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Bridge Climb Sydney offers four different climbs. You can go day, night, twilight or dawn, weekdays and weekends.

Only got a small window of time between meetings or before you catch your plane? Then go for their Express Climb which is just two hours and fifteen minutes, to the summit and back.

If you’d like to linger longer at the top, with more stops and opportunities to touch the bridge’s rivets and feel its steel, then choose the Discovery Climb. It takes three and a half hours and goes along the inner arch of the bridge.

The Bridge Climb goes along the outer arch, up and down ladders and catwalks. It also takes three and a half hours to the summit and back.

If you’ve got guests coming from China, they’ll love the Mandarin Climb as the guides speak the language fluently. This climb reaches the summit and back in two and a half hours.

All the equipment you need is included in the ticket price. For safety reasons you can’t take a camera or mobile phone up the bridge, but at the end everyone gets their own photo of their climb.

See the Bridge Climb website for more information, including prices and bookings.