Valley of the Giants

Be Awed by The Valley of Giants

Western Australia’s South West Region has been named one of the planet’s top ten places to visit thanks to its extraordinary beauty and unique attractions – including The Valley of Giants.

The Valley of Giants is a forest of amazingly tall tingle trees in the Walpole Wilderness Area. It’s near the coastal towns of Walpole and Denmark, around four and a half hours drive from Perth.

You can get right in amongst the giants via the exhilarating Valley of Giants Treetop Walk. This one- of-a-kind experience takes you 40 metres into the tree canopy and along 600 metres of sky-high trail.

Needless to say, the views out over the treetops to the surrounding national forest are absolutely magical.

Upon coming back down to earth, you walk through a grove of veteran tingles called the Ancient Empire. Some of these babies are up to sixteen metres in girth. Several have trunks split in two with the path going between the ‘legs’, so you feel a bit like a hobbit in an enchanted forest.


Visiting the Valley of Giants

The Valley of Giant Treetop Walk is open 9am to 5pm daily apart from Christmas Day. However, due to the height of the treetop trail, it closes when it’s extremely windy. It may also close during electrical storms because of the risk of lightning striking the steel structures.


Attractions near The Valley of Giants

The Valley of Giants is a bit of a hike from Perth so it’s good to include other sites and activities on the trip. Fortunately there are several fantastic must-do adventures nearby.


Denmark Dinosaur World is just ten minutes from The Valley of Giants and well worth a visit. Its world-class exhibition of dinosaur skeletons includes a T-Rex and the horned dinosaur Protoceratops.


Conspicuous Beach just a few kilometres from The Valley of the Giants is a popular spot for fishing, surfing, walking (not swimming) and taking in spectacular views. You may even spot whales during the migration season.


Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool are 12 kilometres from The Valley of Giants. The rocks are spectacular. The sheltered Greens Pool is a heavenly spot for swimming, snorkeling and diving.


Mount Frankland is around 20 kilometres from The Valley of Giants. It has great walking trails including a short steep climb to the peak for exhilarating views over surrounding national park.


To find out more about The Valley of Giants, including current admission prices, visit Denmark Tourist Bureau