Perth Zoo 2

Enjoy a day at Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is open every day.

Being located just five minutes from Perth CBD, it’s easy to get there by car (park for just $5) or take the ferry from the Barrack Street Terminal.

Beautifully landscaped with majestic trees, water features and shady paths, Perth Zoo is a very pleasant place to check out native and non-indigenous animals. It’s also a top spot for a picnic so bring one from home or get a takeaway and a coffee from the Zoo’s cafe.


Who’s at the Zoo?

Over 1250 animals and 164 species live at Perth Zoo. A large number of them are part of breeding programs for endangered species, so there are usually some precious new arrivals to melt your heart.

If you’re new to Oz or visiting the zoo with friends from abroad, you’ll get a big kick out of being able to walk amongst kangaroos and wallabies. They’re free to hop around and get a pat and a scratch from visitors, so don’t forget your camera.

In fact, where ever possible, animals at Perth Zoo live in secure, naturalised habitats, designed for easy viewing and photographing by the human species.

There are four main zones at Perth Zoo:

  • Asian animals – don’t miss the awesome Komodo dragons and Asian elephants
  • Animals of the Americas – including Galapagos tortoises and several species of monkey
  • African animals – including zebras, lions, and the rare Southern white rhino
  • Australian animals – including koalas, dingoes and a fair few inhabitants of the Zoo’s fantastic Nocturnal House


Cool things to do at Perth Zoo

As well as strolling around looking at the amazing array of creatures doing their thing, you can catch special experiences at specified times – like watching the ‘primate walk-though’ and seeing the elephants get fed. You can also get eye-to-eye with a giraffe and a tasmanian devil – but not at the same time, of course.

There are also free guided walks and talks with keepers and volunteers who can fill you in on the role of this modern zoo and the animals in its care.


Plan your visit

Try to get to Perth Zoo early so you get a full day to see, learn and experience everything this fascinating zoo has to offer. The gates open at 9am.

For more information about the animals, conservation, new arrivals, the timetable for special experiences, and to buy tickets, visit Perth Zoo online.