Perth Aquarium of Western Australia

Perth Aquarium of Western Australia

Located at picturesque Hillarys Boat Harbour, 20 minutes north of the city, Perth Aquarium of Western Australia is a wonderful place for children and international travellers.

Overseas visitors get a kick out of seeing all the marine creatures found in this part of the world, including big sharks, sea turtles, juvenile crocodiles and thousands of brightly coloured tropical fish.

The small ones love it as they can easily see everything. Displays have inset stools so shorties can step up to get a good look. There are also magnifying glass for inspecting tiny fish and sea horses. The touch pool is a huge hit with children as it allows them to pet tiny sharks, stingrays and many other slimy, finned and scaled critters.


Exhibits at Perth Aquarium of Western Australia

Perth Aquarium of Western Australia specialises in marine creatures that inhabit the state’s coastline. So there’s loads to look at and lots to learn, with more than 400 species, displayed in 40 exhibits, grouped in five different environments.


The biggest and most spectacular environment is the Shipwreck Coast aquarium. It’s 40 metres long and has an awesome underwater tunnel. Walking through this clear acrylic tunnel is the next best thing to actually being in the water with big sharks, turtles, stingrays and octopus.


The Coral Reef exhibit is also pretty cool, with masses of gorgeous live coral and colourful reef fish.


Scary creatures are found in the Danger Zone. Here you can see deadly blue ringed octopus, cone shells, stone fish, sea snakes, lion fish and other nasties.



Underwater Adventures at Perth Aquarium of Western Australia

Fancy coming face to face with a toothy shark? For a fee you can. Snorkelers and qualified SCUBA divers can go with the aquarium’s dive master for a thrilling close encounter with the big sea animals cruising around in the Shipwreck Coast aquarium.

From October to April there’s also a Reefwalker adventure for good swimmers over the age of 12. Using a special SCUBA unit, you go with a dive instructor on a fantastic underwater stroll through the Coral Reef.

Perth Aquarium of Western Australia is open daily 10am to 5pm.

Find out more and book your tickets at Aquarium of Western Australia.