Melbourne Grand Prix

Melbourne Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix – or Melbourne Grand Prix as the locals like to call it – is the highlight of the social and sporting calendar for rev-heads and would-be Michael Schumachers.

With more thrills, high octane smells, champagne corks, and glamourous girls than you can shake a dipstick at, Melbourne’s Grand Prix at inner-city Albert Park is one massive adrenalin rush. With lots of parties thrown in for good measure.

The city buzzes during Grand Prix week in March. And it comes to a standstill when the cars are actually racing. Not just because people are glued to their seats trackside, or hanging out of office windows along adjacent St Kilda Road, but because the Formula One engines are so unbelievably LOUD it’s impossible to think or do anything aside from join in the excitement.

Those Melbournians who can’t handle it head out of town during Grand Prix. This is a good thing as it makes room in Melbourne’s legendary bars and restaurants for the racing teams, their entourages, and the hordes of pumped-up fans that flock to Melbourne for the big race.


Why Melbourne’s Grand Prix is such a hit

The track’s spectacular location has a lot to do with it. The Melbourne Grand Prix track winds around picturesque Albert Park Lake, with plenty of excellent vantage points. Even low-priced general admission tickets afford pretty good views of the action.

Visitors also praise the public amenities and the range of free stuff offered by sponsors.

Being held in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities means Melbourne Grand Prix is reasonably easy to get to on foot and via public transport. A myriad of accommodation options are close by, with loads of awesome eateries, nightclubs, and cool bars conveniently close for post-race pit stops and refueling.


History of Melbourne’s Grand Prix

Held annually, the Grand Prix is Australia’s oldest motor racing competition, with the first race run at Phillip Island in 1928.

The Australian Grand Prix has been a round of the FIA Formula One World Championships since 1985. It’s been staged at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit since 1996.

Between 300,000 and 400,000 people attend Melbourne’s Grand Prix, making it one of the biggest sports events in Australia.


To find out more and to book your tickets, go to the Melbourne Grand Prix site.