Melbourne Aquarium 2

Discover Melbourne Aquarium

Located on the corner of King Street and Flinders Street in the CBD, Melbourne Aquarium is one of Melbourne’s top places to see.

Newly renovated and extended, Melbourne Aquarium is educational as well as entertaining. So it’s a fun day out in Melbourne for everyone – not just children wanting to meet cute penguins and frogs.


Things to do at Melbourne Aquarium

At Melbourne Aquarium you can get up close to the thousands of fascinating marine creatures and observe them happily going about their business.

Melbourne Aquarium has four themed worlds to explore over several levels.

Croc Lair is an awesome new exhibit that’s the centrepiece of Melbourne Aquarium. It’s home to Pinjarra  – one of the biggest captive ‘salties’ in the world.

Antarctica is even colder than a Melbourne mid-winter dawn and where the King and Gentoo penguins live, naturally.

Coral Atoll is Melbourne’s answer to the Great Barrier Reef and every bit as colourful.

Sharks Alive The 2.2 million litre Oceanarium at Melbourne Aquarium – has a ‘fish bowl’ viewing area that puts you in amongst big sharks, stingrays, turtles and thousands more sea animals.

Special experiences at Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium offers several extra-close encounters of the fishy kind, including:

Shark Dive Xtreme This is not an adventure for the fainthearted. Coming face to face with a killer is a huge adrenalin rush that can send heart rates soaring. The price for Melbourne Aquarium’s Shark Dive Xtreme includes basic SCUBA training and a qualified guide. You can dive – if you dare – at Melbourne Aquarium weekdays all year round.

Seahorse Nursery Tour Go behind the scenes of Melbourne Aquarium’s internationally recognised  breeding facility. Kids love the paternity ward where hundreds of cute seahorse and seadragon babies are on show. Tickets are limited so get in early.

Penguin Passport This cool Melbourne experience doesn’t come cheap but it’s popular so book ahead. Suited up in snow gear, you’ll be taken onto the ice to hang out with King and Gentoo penguins.

Behind the Scenes Tour of Melbourne Aquarium
Ever wondered about a stingray’s table manners? This is your chance to find out as a tour highlight is watching huge ‘rays chow down. The tour also includes visits to Melbourne Aquarium’s food preparation area, quarantine zone, vet office, research lab, and dive zone.

Fish Feeding at Melbourne Aquarium
The fish seem to enjoy it as much as the people: hundreds of them shoot up to the surface and swim around in a feeding frenzy. Have your camera ready for some great action close-ups.