Jungle Surfing 2

Jungle Surfing is Awesome

Ever watched a monkey swinging leisurely through a tree canopy, checking out the scenery, and wondered what it would be like to move so freely?

Jungle surfing in the Daintree Forest at Cape Tribulation is the next best thing.

An exhilarating eco-adventure for all ages – including little kids and elderly people – jungle surfing is a safe, must-do experience for visitors to Far North Queensland. You’ll love it!

What is Jungle Surfing?

Jungle surfing is a professionally guided tour of the forest canopy riding on flying fox ziplines.

Along the way you’ll glide in for stops on secure platforms high up in huge trees. From here you can gaze out over the world heritage-listed Daintree Forest, down rushing fresh-water creeks and out to the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.

Jungle surfing is a great way to experience the thrill of ‘flying’ at a pace that allows you to look, listen and learn about the rainforest’s flora, fauna, habitats and evolution.

Don’t worry – jungle surfing is not meant to be a massive adrenalin rush, but rather a fun and educational encounter with nature from a unique perspective.

Jungle Surfing for All

Practically anyone can jungle surf, providing you weigh 120kg or less. You should be fit enough to walk a couple of hundred metres along a track into the jungle surfing site. However, this activity is not recommended for pregnant women.

Once you’re strapped into your harness, the rest of the work is handled by the experienced guides, so you can relax and enjoy the ride. If you have restricted mobility or a serious medical condition, do talk to the jungle surfing operators as they’ll do their best to accommodate your needs wherever possible.

Although some people find it a bit daunting to be up so high, the tours are led by trained professionals who know how to help surfers overcome a fear of heights. They’ll  guide you through every step of the adventure.

Where to go Jungle Surfing

Options include driving to the Daintree in your own vehicle or taking a day tour from Cairns. The journey to the forest is one of Australia’s most scenic coastal road trips and includes an exciting crossing on the Daintree River cable ferry.

Remember to pack insect repellent, sunscreen, hat, closed shoes, and your camera. And just a friendly warning – don’t wear a skirt!

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