Daintree National Park

Amazing Daintree National Park

Although it’s just 100 kilometres from the city of Cairns, the World Heritage-listed Daintree National Park seems like light years away from civilisation.

This vast, pristine wilderness – much of which is inaccessible – has existed for over 110 million years. A living ‘green dinosaur’, Daintree National Park is the oldest rainforest on the planet.

The Park features breathtaking mountain scenery and spectacular coastal landscapes. And it’s famous for its exceptional biodiversity: many rare species and massive populations of native birds live here.


Experiencing Daintree National Park

Daintree National Park is an iconic destination and one of Australia’s most exciting and thrilling natural attractions.

There’s loads to see, do and experience, including crocodile cruises, mangrove boat tours, 4WD adventures, heritage and nature walks, and bird-watching.

If you’re after action-packed adventures, then excursions to the nearby Great Barrier Reef, sea kayaking, horse-riding on Cape Tribulation beach, and jungle surfing are must-do’s.


Going to Daintree National Park

The ideal time to visit Daintree National Park is during the cooler, drier months from April to October, when temperatures and humidity are at comfortable levels. There are also fewer insects!

Summer is good, too, as there are still fewer tourists. However, it can get pretty hot at this time of year, and seasonal rain increases the risk of flooding. But on the up side, that means the amazingly beautiful forest swimming holes are at their fullest and most inviting.

Getting to Daintree National Park is easy. If you’re into doing your own thing, or on a budget, just jump in the car and drive there, armed with a guide book or one of the excellent apps for walks, talks and independent tours.

Keep in mind that the road can get a tad slippery when it’s wet, and there’s a ferry crossing over the Daintree River.

Once you’re at the Park, there’s a fantastic range of activities to enjoy. Your best bet is to do your research beforehand, plan your itinerary, and book your chosen tours and experiences before you set off.

Alternatively, you can take a guided tour from Cairns. There are lots of bus and 4WD tours catering to all budgets, with an excellent array of wildlife and cultural experiences to choose from.

For a great introduction to Daintree National Park, check out the award-winning Daintree Discovery Centre.