Cairns Tropical Zoo 2

Discover Cairns Tropical Zoo

Longing to lunch with a crocodile? Cuddle a koala? Lounge around with lemurs? Or get up close and personal with a snake?

Then Cairns Tropical Zoo is the place for you.

It’s unique ‘Zootastic 5’ wildlife encounter runs for an hour and although it does cost extra, it’s a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience that comes with commemorative photos.

If you’d prefer to keep your distance, or are sightseeing on a budget, there’s still plenty to see – and feed – at the award-winning Cairns Tropical Zoo.


Cairns Tropical Zoo is Wild

This family-owned zoo offers a great mix of entertainment, education and wildlife conservation, with one of the biggest and most extensive collections of wildlife in North Queensland.

It’s a great day out for families and tourists wanting to get close to Australia’s wonderful native creatures and cute imports such as red pandas and cotton top tamarins.

Located on several hectares of landscaped gardens, Cairns Tropical Zoo boasts an awesome community of reptiles, including snakes, monitors, dragons, lizards and both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles.

There’s also a fantastic array of birds. They include black cockatoos, forest birds, water birds, and birds of prey such as kookaburras and owls. You can’t miss the emus, cassowaries, pelicans and brolgas – they’re huge. While a wander through the walk-through aviary gets you close to beautiful brightly coloured parrots, bowerbirds, and more.

Australian mammals calling the zoo home include koalas, dingoes, common and southern hairy nose wombats, possums and plenty of friendly kangaroos and wallabies.

You can actually wander around a kangaroo enclosure – meeting, greeting and hand-feeding the 60 or so eastern grey kangaroos.


Feeding Time at Cairns Tropical Zoo

Cairns Tropical Zoo thoughtfully provides fun options for feeding people.

A great way to start the day is to have brekky with several cheeky animals. While you enjoy your cooked breakfast, waffles or cereal, a keeper holding a gorgeous koala gives a talk about the wildlife.

For lunch and snacks there’s the licensed Koala Café, which is on a big covered deck overlooking trees. The Outback Café caters for group breakfasts and lunches for up to 150 people. Definitely a good spot for a special celebration – complete with live soundtrack courtesy of the residents!

Visit Cairns Tropical Zoo to find out more, buy admission tickets, and book breakfast with the animals, or make a group booking for the Outback Café.