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Cairns Fishing Charters

Fishing adventures in Australia’s legendary tropics can be truly magical, with some of greatest game fishing and light tackle opportunities in the world.

And as well as giving you the chance to bag the catch of your dreams, Cairns fishing charters treat visitors to jaw-dropping scenery like world heritage-listed rainforest, majestic rivers and the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.

Thanks to diverse, highly productive ecosystems, there is an astounding variety of fish species in the area.


Types of Cairns Fishing Charters

The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is uniquely positioned for thrilling fishing charters as it’s close to the continental shelf, reefs and vast estuarine and river systems.

There’s an abundance of operators offering Cairns fishing charters, catering to all levels of experience and a range of budgets. Do your research and you should have no trouble finding a top skipper with excellent local knowledge of all the best spots.


Cairns Fishing Charters – Reef

Considered by many to be the ultimate fishing experience, the Great Barrier Reef offers not only an incredible variety of fish but also the chance to observe astounding marine life.

It’s not uncommon to see playful dolphins, giant turtles, and whales on migration from May to September. The giant humpback is the most commonly sighted whale. You may even get one breeching near your boat to have a look at you!

In order to protect this aquatic paradise and its inhabitants, there are strict rules for boats and fishing. Your skipper will give you the lowdown.


Cairns Fishing Charters – Estuary

Just minutes from the city is some of the best fishing in the Far North, with around 90 kilometres of winding, mangrove-lined waterways to explore.

There are over 40 types of fish to chase in Cairns’ estuaries, and it’s not unheard of for ten or more species to be caught in one location. You can expect to encounter Australia’s famous Barramundi, Trevally, Gold Spot Cod, Salmon, and many others.


Cairns Fishing Charters – River

Flowing down from the mountains through ancient rainforest to the coastal lowlands, Cairns’ mighty tidal rivers are home to a myriad of fish species, including barramundi, fingermark, tarpon, grunter and mangrove jack.

Just keep in mind that catches vary according to the season. For instance the barramundi season is closed for breeding from November to January and any caught during this time must be released.

An exciting bonus of taking a Cairns fishing charter through the river system is seeing crocodiles in their natural habitat. Don’t be tempted to jump in for a swim – these prehistoric giants move fast!