Bundaberg, Queensland

Strangely enough when many people think of Bundaberg they immediately think of a large, white polar bear drinking rum. The town of Bundaberg is probably most famous for being the home of Bundaberg Rum with its polar bear mascot. However, there’s much more to this Queensland town. It’s a great base for cruising the nearby islands, spotting turtles and whales. (no polar bears though).


Discover and enjoy the best of Bundaberg

Bundaberg Rum Distillery
Bundaberg Rum or “Bundy” has been around since 1888 and is one of Australia’s most well-known spirits. You can visit the distillery in Bundaberg and take a guided tour where you will learn about its history and the rum production process. Without a doubt, the highlight of the tour is when you get to sample the rum for yourself.

Ginger Beer Factory
Rum is not the only famous drink in Bundaberg; the town also produces a very tangy and refreshing ginger beer. You can take a tour of the Bundaberg Ginger Beer factory which is housed in a large building shaped like a barrel. The tour includes a 15-minute 3D hologram adventure and of course you get to sample varieties of brewed beverages at the end.

Hinkler Hall of Aviation
The Hinkler Hall of Aviation is a celebration of flight, dedicated to Bundaberg native, Bert Hinkler, who was a pioneer of aviation. The hall features impressive interactive displays on aviation, an original early-1900s aircraft, an aircraft simulator and an atmospherically controlled display gallery.

Turtle Watching
Mon Repos Beach is located 14km from Bundaberg and is the site of a large turtle rookery. From November to February, loggerhead, green, leatherback and flatback turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs. To protect the turtles, the beach is restricted to visitors at certain times but rangers conduct guided night walks which is a magical experience.

Island Cruises
Bundaberg is an ideal base for exploring the beautiful islands off the central Queensland coast. Recently, cruises to the coral paradise of Lady Musgrave Island from Bundaberg re-commenced, opening up a passage well worth experiencing. The island has one of the most beautiful and unique coral reefs in the world.

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