Story Bridge Climb

Story Bridge Climb

Brisbane’s Story Bridge Climb is top of the bucket list of must-do adventures for locals and visitors, alike. And for good reason: as far as thrills go, it’s way up there – 80 metres to the top to be exact.

So it’s an awesome way to experience 360° birds-eye views of Brisbane City, Brisbane River, Moreton Bay and The Glasshouse Mountains. Story Bridge Climbers of all ages report being on a high for days afterwards and feeling an enormous sense of achievement.


The lowdown on Story Bridge Climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climb can take you up during the day, at dawn, or twilight.

Story Bridge Climb is suitable for people of any age over 10 years, who are at least 130cm tall and less than 130kg in weight. No climbing experience is required but you should be reasonably fit. A sense of adventure and a can-do attitude help, too!

All the equipment you need is provided – a climbing suit, hard hat, radio headset to hear your guide’s commentary, and a safety harness that attaches you firmly to the bridge.

Yes, the climbing suit is a boring colour, but it has to blend in with the bridge so climbers don’t distract drivers in cars below.

The climb takes around two and a half hours, including the safety demonstration and briefing and the climb route distance is close to a kilometre.


Safe and secure

Story Bridge Climb is 100% safe and secure, so nothing to worry about and you can focus on making the most of every exhilarating moment. Should you feel anxious on the climb, the guides are trained to help and encourage you.

For safety reasons, cameras and mobile phones aren’t allowed on the climb, but on your return to base you can buy photos of your climb.


Climb up, abseil down

This option takes Story Bridge Climb to a whole new level of excitement. Like the standard climb, you and your fellow climbers go up to the bridge’s summit. But with the Abseil Climb, you then come back down below the road to prepare to abseil from the Anchor Pier into Captain Burke Park.

Story Bridge Abseil Climbs usually operate only on Sunday mornings so book ahead, especially if the climb needs to happen on a particular date such as a birthday or anniversary.