The top 10 reasons to ditch business class for a private jet

When travelling for corporate reasons, you may think business class is best. It’s what you know and it’s always been comfortable for you. Let’s face it, comfort is key and the food is not bad at all. But why not go one step further and embrace the life of luxury and convenience when you travel to and from business meetings?

Travelling by private jet isn’t as out of reach as it may seem. By transferring from business class to private, you get the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. You can be far more productive in-flight allowing you to turn up to your meeting refreshed and fully prepared. You could even choose to hold your meeting mid-flight too!

By going private, the service is impeccable from start to finish. A charter service that specialises in private jets like Chapman Freeborn will take care of everything, you just need to turn up.

Here are the top 10 reasons your business will benefit from taking a private jet from A to B, rather than travelling commercially:

Flight Flexibility
One of the main benefits of going private includes adjusting flight schedules to fit your travel plans. You can be your own boss of the skies. You have the ability to set the schedule for when you want to fly, and there is no need to adapt your departure or arrival time to a commercial airline.

Optimising your time
With a check-in time of only 15 minutes before the flight, you can optimise your time and spend less of it hanging around in airport lounges. Private jet aviation security, while remaining thorough, is rapid and streamlined, so there is no need to arrive hours before check-in, as you would when travelling business class.

No queues, less delays
You will also save time by avoiding long airport delays and queues. There will be no lengthy waits for boarding, disembarking or collecting from the baggage carousel – these hassles are non-existent with private jet charter.

Tailored departure times
You have the ultimate in flexibility, with the ability to change your flight plans en route if necessary. Meeting overran? No worries – you need not be restricted by commercial pre-planned routes and departure times, but can re-route to suit the everyday changing demands of business.

Meetings on the move
Have your office in the sky above 37,000 feet. Unlike flying business class, with private aviation you can work with full productivity on-board the aircraft and maximise your time in the air. Hold larger meetings on-board, and benefit from full inflight satellite communications connectivity, which in many cases, can give you almost the same level of access you would get on the ground with Internet access, email, and video conferencing.

No traffic jams
Private jets are usually far smaller than the commercial planes, so are able to fly higher than the usual 35,000-foot height of commercial airliners. But what does that mean for you? At these heights, you’ll benefit from less traffic and a more direct route to your destination.

Smaller private jets can typically climb faster and generally fly much faster than larger airliners, resulting in less time in poor weather, and a more comfortable flight experience with less time in potential turbulence.

The world is your oyster
You can get to places where you’d otherwise need an additional connecting flight. Chartering a private jet is ideal for connecting cities which do not have regular daily flights. This is important when flying to emerging market nations in Asia – cutting down your travel time significantly by flying a more direct route.

Ultimate luxury
Do you think that business class offers you the ultimate in luxury and quality service? Think again. On a private jet charter flight, you can pre-select your meals to suit your tastes, rather than being served up the same standard meal as everyone else on board. Arrive at your destination full and satisfied.

And reeeeeelax
Whether you decide a private jet is the perfect location for your next meeting or you’re after a quick and easy ride after a long and tiring business trip. You will arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed.

With private jets, you can arrange at a moment’s notice. Optimise your career and get ready for that big important meeting by going private. Once you go private, you won’t be able to return to business class.

Have you staged a business meeting in an unconventional place? Tell us in the comments.


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