6 gifts for the person who has everything

Each year, we climb up onto the kitchen chair to pull the Christmas tree box down from the cupboard, trying not to drop it on our heads. Dusting off the star and finding the left arm of the angel, we hang multi-coloured balls by string and miniature macaroni houses (last year’s Grade 4 project) from the tree and always run out of tinsel.

So, what do we do? We make a list. One, get more tinsel. Two, get a handheld vacuum to clean up the tinsel. Three, don’t forget to buy presents after tinsel.

Wouldn’t it be a true Christmas miracle if we stumbled across the perfect presents for mum, dad, our niece, and the teacher while out shopping for tinsel?

The kids are easy enough, but it’s everyone else who becomes harder to buy for each year. Read on for six of our favourite gift ideas for 2014.

1.     Share little bits of Australia

Not your normal Australian made gifts, Bits of Australia offers handmade pieces you won’t find in the tourist shops. Micaela Smith came up with the idea when she was struggling to find cute, quirky and tasteful things to send to her rellies overseas. We think she’s hit the nail on the head with these delightful new creations.

2.     Tour your closest wineries

Adelaide has the Barossa, Perth has the Margaret River and New Zealand’s south island has Central Otago. South of Melbourne you’ll find the Rye Rollers, who are experts in escorting people to wineries in a chauffeur driven ‘Silver Spur’ Rolls Royce. Visit up to five wineries across the Mornington Peninsula, meet the vignerons, discuss their wines, discover what makes their ‘terroir’ so unique and gain an insight into the wine making process. Trips to Red Hill Boutique Brewery or Red Hill Cheese are also available.

3.     Spectate at the world’s biggest cricket event

From 14 February to 29 March 2015, 14 cities in Australia and New Zealand play host to the ICC Cricket World Cup. It’s officially the biggest event taking place here next year and runs over 44 days. There’ll be 49 matches, 14 teams and over one million fans going along to join in the action.

4.     Eat your way through the best restaurants

Best Restaurant Gift Cards are accepted at over 700 restaurants, cafes and wineries across Australia. Gift card holders can have lunch or a night out with family or friends at a favourite local bistro or dine at an award-winning restaurant. It makes a great present for those living in capital cities or regional towns. Cards are sold in Woollies or Coles or go online. Best Western also has a number of hotels with restaurants that accept the card.

5.     Hold your hampers

Pilu’s Sardinia by Snowgoose hampers features a combination of farm fresh produce, salumi, olive oil, Pilu’s latest cookbook, traditional Sardinian bread, cured mullet roe and Italian wines, the hampers are $300 + delivery and can be shipped to customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

6.     Give the gift of travel

A Best Western Travel Card is like cash to use at over 4,000 hotels worldwide. We have city hotels for girls’ weekends, hotels on the beach, and even hotels close to a museum where you can dig up a real mummy’s sarcophagus. Our apartments are all over Australia and New Zealand in some of the biggest regional towns such as Cairns in Queensland and Wanaka in NZ. Grab a Travel Card today.

Did you find something helpful on our list? Did we leave off something that’s perfect for the person who has everything?


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