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Peter and Kathy Find the Right Formula

“Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself.”

That’s the first piece of advice Peter and Kathy Boland – who own Best Western Cattle City Motor Inn in Rockhampton – received when starting out in the hospitality industry many years ago.

The classic adage remains ingrained as their professional mantra and, based on numerous recent five-star TripAdvisor reviews, it’s clearly the right strategy.

Positive comments like “Excellent service and accommodation”, “Excellent Services, Lovely Staff”, “Ideal Accommodation” keeps the hard-working couple motivated in what can be challenging industry.

It’s also the reason behind an exceptionally high repeat visitor ratio of 60%.

A major factor is attention to detail. “We keep notes on everyone who is a regular, their likes and dislikes, so we can ensure everything is ready when they arrive,” says Peter.

Peter and Kathy Boland, BW Cattle City Motor Inn

“We like people and we like to keep them happy.”

The couple, who are childhood sweethearts from the Darling Downs city of Toowoomba, have been in ‘Rocky’ for the past 10 years and now own the property outright.

Rockhampton is a major Queensland regional centre 650km north of Brisbane with a growing population of 80,000, a popular overnight destination for travellers heading up the coast to Townsville or Cairns.

Corporate travellers are also important with Rockhampton serving a vast region renowned for its beef industry (which explains the Cattle City tag) and has the second-largest sale yards in Queensland.

“Rockhampton is a great place,” says Peter. “The local economy is picking up and the future looks positive,” says Peter.


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