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My first word of advice to anyone setting off on a first flight with their kids is that children, like grown-ups, are all different and some are easier to fly with than others. So some of these tips may help, but the best advice I could give anyone is to prepare for the worst, be patient, and take deep breaths when it all starts to get too much.

My first flight with my eldest daughter (from Australia to the UK no less) involved no sleep whatsoever with a 9-month old baby speeding on Phenergan and smiling, chatting and waving to all passengers she could manage to trap into eye-contact.

My son, however, has an “off-switch”, which he can activate during any extended period of boredom and fall promptly asleep for as long as required.

So anyway, here we go. Read more about ‘Flying with kids’

24 May 2013 0 More on   Holidays with Kids