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Top 5 Messy-licious Breakfasts

We’ve been talking a lot about breakfast at Best Western lately…

While getting prepared for our limited time Free Breakfast Rate, we couldn’t resist compiling this list of what we’re calling the top 5 ‘messy-licious’ breakfasts. We’ve got our favourites, what’s yours?


#5. Syrupy Nutella French Toast

500x500_brkfst image1

Photo: fullcravings.com
For the sweet-toothed breakfasters out there, I hereby challenge you NOT to get this all over your face. ‘Impossible’ is the word that springs to mind, with a shallow-fried bread-base, a slathering of Nutella and finished with a hot maple syrup, you’ll definitely need a plate and a napkin for this one!


#4. Breakfast Burger

pexels-photo_brkfst burger

Photo: Pexels
We’re not talking about your regular breakfast burger we’re talking about the mumma of all breakfast burgers. Think a double sausage patty, steamed eggs, potatoes rosti, candied bacon, sauce of your choice all on a toasted muffin. Good luck!


#3. Jam-filled Dusted Donuts

500x500_jam filled donuts

Photo: Pexels
The jury is still out on whether we should really consider this a breakfast food but, hey, this isn’t a healthy breakfast list. Perhaps don’t wear black when eating this dusted sugary-filled sweet with a berry jam that could be anything from raspberry to red food-coloured gel. Come to think of it, don’t wear white either.


#2. Breakfast Burrito

500x500_brkfst image3

Photo: Fotosearch
A first glance this seems like a neatly packaged breakfast option, and seasoned Breakfast Burrito-ers may disagree with it featuring in this list. For the rest of us who haven’t quite got the filling quantities and origami wrapping down-pat, this one can be a challenge! Super delish, we think this may be one of our fave messy breakfasts!


#1. Stacked Hot Chocolates

500x500_bft image6

Photo: Cereal Killer Cafe
Ok, technically this is a drink and while there isn’t even a hint of coffee in it to connect our brekkie theme, it doesn’t mean there couldn’t be – dream big breakfasters! Start your day on a sugar high with this Stacked Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate or its close relation, the Strawberry White Hot Chocolate. We recommend a spoon, straw, saucer, a roll of paper towel and a buddy to help you out with this messy breakfast(y) drink.


Free Breakfast at Best Western

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All this food making you hungry? Free continental breakfasts at participating Best Western hotels in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and New Caledonia. Book on our Free Breakfast Rate until 30 June 2016, with stays until 31 October 2016, at bestwestern.com.au/freebreakfast.




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