5 ways to spend your Best Western Rewards points

Every time you swipe your rewards card at the supermarket check-out, you’re earning points. Every time you enter your Qantas Frequent Flyer number when you book a flight, you’re earning points. Points are the goal; and redeeming points for stays all around the world is the trend.

Whether you travel once a year on holiday or many times for work, being part of a hotel loyalty program is an easy way to accumulate your points and spend them for things you need later on.

A big screen TV. A new watch, or that Kitchenaid you’ve been scrupulously saving up for.

So, what are the benefits of being part of a hotel loyalty program? Well, you can cash in your points for free hotel stays. Being part of Best Western Rewards, Best Western Hotels and Resorts’ global loyalty program, you can get a free or discount stay at any of 4,000 hotels or resorts worldwide! Just 20,000 rewards points earns you one global free night voucher.

Here’s five ways you could spend your Best Western Rewards points:

  • Redecorate your house. Transform your points with a 50 inch Panasonic smart TV, a Philips coffee machine and Dyson vacuum.
  • Go on a long holiday. Imagine this: with one million rewards points, you’ve got approximately 50 free nights to spend at any BW hotel worldwide.
  • Stock up on travel essentials. Choose from a range of redemption items such as a new Canon camera, GoPro, a luggage kit, HP notebook, GPS and solar charger.
  • Invite your friends on a shopping spree at Myer, Bunning’s Warehouse or anywhere you desire with your Universal Visa Gift Card.
  • Turn your points into clean drinking water. Best Western partners with global charity World Vision to provide resources and a better quality of life for disadvantaged communities across the globe.

Anyone can sign up and automatically qualify for the Gold baseline tier. If you stay 15 qualified nights in one calendar year, you’d be eligible for the Best Western Rewards Platinum tier. This means you get a free room upgrade, early check-in and late check-out (all subject to availability) plus 10% bonus Best Western Rewards points each time you stay with Best Western. 30 or more nights a year gets you 15% bonus points and more perks as a Diamond cardholder.


Are you a member of a hotel loyalty program? What are your favourite perks, or what perks would you like to see introduced? Tell us in the comments.



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