Five Best Western hotels serving the best coffee

Drinking coffee can be an adventure when you’re travelling. Instead of lining up for a takeaway cup at your favourite café in the morning, you’re waking up in a new city with new sights, sounds and coffee brands you’ve likely never tried before. Paired with a good barista, your perfect cup of Joe may be waiting for you around the next corner. But how do you know where to go first?

Instead of a local, head downstairs or across the road to your hotel’s café. Many hotels have stepped up their game and serve sustainably grown coffee from artisan roasters. Here’s five examples of Best Western hotels making great coffee for the people who love to drink it.

Bar Stellar, Wentworth Avenue Sydney

Nestled off Hyde Park inside Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar, Bar Stellar is a Parisian-themed breakfast and lunch café. Serving All Press air-roasted coffee, the espresso here has a golden crèma and over 200 cups a day are served. Perfect for a business meeting or meeting a friend, Bar Stellar is your destination. We recommend ordering a cappuccino with a salmon and avocado sandwich or Caesar salad ending with a short black. You’ll need your energy to spend a day shopping in Sydney.

The Terrace Restaurant, Perth

It’s $3 coffee all day at Best Western Premier Terrace Hotel. Warming hearts with its 1920’s façade, ornate crevices and 5-star luxury bedroom suites, this is the only place to drink coffee out of a gold plated Noritake teacup in Perth’s West End. There’s $25 lunch specials too, with the winter menu now including a curried mushroom, bocconcini and leek tart served with honey buttered macadamias. Or, the pulled pork sliders with creamed avocado, pickled slaw and chipotle fries may be your cup of tea.

Gt’s Café, Gregory Terrace Brisbane

Perched at the top of Spring Hill, Gt’s Café serves the Italian Di Bella coffee blend. If you’re staying at the Best Western Plus Gregory Terrace Brisbane on business, a piccolo latte or a mug of cappuccino are popular takeaway orders. Gt’s Cafe hosts many themed events throughout the year, including a Valentine’s Day dinner, tea parties for little princesses and a Melbourne Cup luncheon. Happy Hour coffee is served during most of the lunch and tea party events, great for mums needing onsite parking with pram access.

Ember’s Bar, Hobart

Tasmania in winter is the best time to warm up with a coffee. Head to Ember’s Lounge inside Best Western Hobart for a cup of Buondi coffee and a board game to go. Relax in the lounge and play Majong, Scrabble or Connect Four. On a busy day upwards of 100 coffees are made in the hotel for conference guests and holidaymakers. The hotel’s restaurant, Ember’s Bar Pizza Grill also serves crispy wood-fired pizzas.

Eighteen78, Mornington Peninsula

Eighteen78 serves Mornington Peninsula Coffee Co beans. Perfect in winter, you can expect tastes including chocolate, red fruit, hazelnuts and warm spices. Located on Tanti Avenue next to Best Western Plus Brooklands of Mornington, the Eighteen78 restaurant is inside the neighbouring homestead greeting you with white roses and filigree lace on the verandah. It’s a quaint setting for the elegant organic restaurant housed within.

Not sure whether you should be drinking coffee? It could make you a nicer person. Research has shown your daily hit of java makes you appear kinder, make you extra efficient in decision-making, and strengthens your emotional resolve. In fact, this study found no negative emotional sensations shown by coffee drinkers at all. So, ready to order your first cup of the day yet?

Which hotel makes your perfect cup of coffee? 


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