Housekeeper Story: There’s a bear in there

Eight hours after check-out, the phone call from a distressed mother came through to Best Western Central Motel & Apartments in Queanbeyan New South Wales. After travelling 700km, and checking into their next destination, the family’s road trip had suddenly turned sour; four-year-old Emily’s favourite teddy, the creatively-named Pink Ted, could not be found.

Suitcases had been upturned and the family’s car had been searched. Pink Ted was missing, and Emily was in the depths of despair. After the call, Head Housekeeper Beryl was put on the case. After a fruitless search of the vacated suite, she knew where she needed to look. In a moment of Clouseau-style inspiration, Beryl began to search that day’s bedsheets collected from each room. A needle in a haystack, Pink Ted was eventually found tangled amongst over 100 sheets and began a journey, courtesy of an overnight courier, to be reunited with Emily.

“For the brief time that people stay with us,” Beryl explained. “Our guests become part of our family. I had met Emily the day before and the thought of Pink Ted being missing was heartbreaking.”

Beryl, a 35 year veteran of the housekeeping department at Best Western Central Motel & Apartments, takes great pride in her work, maintaining rigorous standards of cleanliness. “It can be very hard work,” she concludes with a smile, “but I wouldn’t give this up for quids.”


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