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Why Melbourne is the ‘Most Liveable City’

I’ve just heard that, once again, Melbourne has been named the “Most Liveable City” on the map.

That’s according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Survey, which pits 140 cities around the world against each other.

The city bested Vienna and Vancouver to come out on top

(which earned second and third place, respectively, in case you’re interested).

In a number of categories, Melbourne was actually given full marks by those who participated in the survey.

Apparently it’s the place to be for health-care services, infrastructure and education!

In addition to being a great city to live in, I’ve discovered that Melbourne offers just as much to the professional or tourist passing through.

There are many places to see in Melbourne.

The streets are lined with some of the best restaurants, bars and cafe I’ve ever visited.

However, what I most love about Melbourne is the myriad events it hosts throughout the year.

For example, the city is home to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I was lucky enough to be in the neighbourhood when this was held earlier in 2013, and it looks like plans are already underway to make next year’s event just as memorable.

Nothing beats having a good laugh at the end of a hard day or week, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was certainly delivered a fair few of those.

I’m not an avid follower of any particular comedian, so I went along to a couple of variety shows.

These offer the audience a selection of comedic talent, making it more than likely you’ll come across at least one performer that tickles your funny bone.

I really enjoyed the $5 Comedy Variety Hour, and highly recommend checking one of these performances out if they come back next year.

The next Melbourne International Comedy Festival is being held from March 26 to April 20 in 2014.

I’m also not ashamed to admit that I always try to spend some time at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

I like to think I have a green thumb, but I’m not even in the same league as the gardeners that showcase their creations here.

The display gardens are my favourite, with some being ultra-modern in layout while others expertly evoke days gone by. They make me want to rush back home and start planting in my own backyard!

There’s always a fantastic garden sculpture exhibition as well, so if you’re into art and the outdoors, you should definitely have a look.

If you often find yourself in Melbourne for the purposes of business travel, make the most of it by heading along to some of these great events.




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