Vantage points for the International Fleet Review

Sydney is getting ready to host the International Fleet Review in October – an event that promises to be one of the most extravagant the city has ever seen.

Its happening between October 3 and 11, so if you want your relaxing holiday to start off or end with a bang (literally), you might want to make your way to Sydney!

If you’ve never heard of it, the International Fleet Review has been organised to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet entering Sydney Harbour for the first time.

Its organisers are expecting 40 warships and 16 tall ships from all over the world to take part, as well as 8,000 naval personnel.

While he’s not technically naval personnel (he’s in the British Army), Prince Harry has announced that he’ll be attending the International Fleet Review, too – which, I must admit, is more of an incentive for me than the ships!

There is also going to be a fabulous ‘Fireworks and Lightshow Spectacular’ over Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House.

This will last for 30 minutes, and is costing Sydney more than twice the amount it usually spends on its annual New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Royal Australian Navy is going to launch fireworks from all over the place, including rooftops around the city, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, barges and even the decks of the Royal Australian Navy’s ships!

While this is happening, there will also be flyovers by the Air Force and music, arranged by the Royal Australian Navy’s Director of Music.

It’s going to be pretty crowded around Sydney Harbour on October 5, when the ‘Fireworks and Lightshow Spectacular’ is kicking off at some point in the early evening (details are yet to be released).

So, I’ve been researching potential vantage points for getting a great view of the event!

  • Birchgrove Park, which is located on Grove Street, is a fantastic spot to watch the display. There’s lots of room, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous flora and fauna, and drinking alcohol is permitted. So, bring your family, some good food and wine and enjoy the show!
  • Manly Cove is about a 20-minute drive from Sydney’s CBD, and it’s the perfect place to gaze at the ‘Fireworks and Lightshow Spectacular’ without having to put up with the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll be able to see the display from the ferry wharf or the beach.
  • Blues Point Reserve is about a 10-minute walk from the North Sydney Railway Station, so if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic, this could be a good option. What better way is there to watch fireworks than surrounded by fig trees and friends?


See you there!


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