3 of Australia’s most endearing bridges

Bridges, like roads, connect our cities and towns. Most people would readily recognise the biggest bridges in Sydney and Melbourne, but have you crossed these three other endearing bridges in Australia yet?

Macquarie Culvert, Sydney

Evidence suggests that Australia’s oldest-known bridge is the one Mrs Macquarie used to walk over en route to her Chair in the Sydney Botanic Gardens. It’s accessible from Mrs Macquarie’s Drive, built in 1816. Restored in 2002, this elegant little bridge is still visible on top of the culvert over the Royal Botanic Gardens Creek.

Richmond Bridge, Tasmania

Built in 1825, the Richmond Bridge is a heritage listed arch bridge located on the B31 (“Convict Trail”) in Richmond, 25 kilometres north of Hobart in Tasmania. Built by convict hands, adding one sandstone block at a time, it is the oldest bridge still in use in Australia today. Historic bridges are part of the landscape in Tasmania, with the likes of Red Bridge and Ross Bridge similarly enchanting.

Stoney Creek Falls Bridge, Queensland

Not a bridge for the feint hearted, to cross the Stoney Creek Falls Bridge you need to hop on a train at Kuranda Falls Railway (20kms north-west of Cairns) and pass through 15 tunnels and several gorges. Built in 1913, this heritage-listed bridge is now a tourism drawcard in its own right. Crossing the bridge at its most scenic peak, you’ll pass below the falls on an 80 metre radius curve looking out to the most amazing scenery.

Love crossing bridges? Which bridge takes your fancy and why? 


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