Boracay, The Philippines

10 best beaches around the world

Beach holidays are undoubtedly a popular conversation topic here at the office and after many hours of argument and debate, we’ve come up with the list below. What do you think? Which beach have we missed?

1 – Bondi Beach, Australia

OK, maybe we’re biased but we had to start with one of our Aussie favourites. Bondi Beach may not be the most spectacular looking beach, but the location which is accessible by public transport, making it super easy for travellers and locals alike; and atmosphere (Campbell Parade’s endless strip of restaurants, bars and shops), make it our number 1.

2 – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico isn’t short of gorgeous beaches, but Playa Del Carmen takes top honours in our list for its lively street food scene, an abundance of cafes and restaurants on parallel 5th Avenue, and warm waters. Cocktails and corn chips? Count me in!

3 – Lamu, Kenya

A completely unspoilt coastline – there’s not a building (or a person) to see for miles. If it’s quiet solitude you’re after, this is the place to amble along the beach, watch the incredible bird life and take the time to truly relax.

4 – Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is the beach that inspired the song “The Girl from Ipanema” and it’s been said it’s the sexiest beach in the world. Those Brazilians definitely know how to flaunt it – and you’ll catch them on the picture-perfect beach playing soccer, volleyball or simply strutting their stuff.

5 – Castaway Island, Fiji

OK, so it’s not technically a beach but Castaway Island is one of our favourite places to chill in Fiji.  The island beach boasts incredible views over the Pacific, warm waters and a relaxing, peaceful vibe. Aaah.

7 – South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA

A glamour-packed beach with bronzed bodies – this is definitely the place to people-watch. The beach bunnies here are an athletic lot so you’ll find lots of runner, roller-bladers, cyclists and when the sun goes down, the clubs nearby are packed with revellers.

8 – Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos’ reputation for having some of the most beautiful beaches this side of the Aegean sea is only eclipsed by Santorini’s famous sunsets on its beaches. But, we’ll argue (and argue loudly), that while Santorini can boast an incredible sunset, Mykonos does EVERYTHING right. The options available to beach-goers extend from jet-skiing to snorkelling and exploring the amazing cliff faces – and of course, delicious Greek food on the beach. Come in the morning for peace and quiet as the beachside bars turn the whole beach into a dance floor come mid-afternoon.

9 – Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

This beach is a must for surfers. The view of a massive swell, and the technique of the surfers riding those waves can keep me captivated for hours. However, for those that are looking for other pursuits – Waikkiki Beach offers much more. Beach on one side, shops and restaurants on the other, so it’s easy to take a walk along the beach (or pavement) with something to occupy you on either side.

10 –Yapak Beach, Boracay, Phillipines

An up-and-coming destination, Boracay is the hot word on everyone’s lips right now. TripAdvisor called it one for the nature-lovers and it was noted for the myriad of puka shells on the shore “giving one’s feet a rugged feel.”


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