Bendigo, Victoria

Bendigo is a town of rich heritage and historical significance. It came to prominence during the gold rush era in Australia. Although the gold mines are now mostly gone, the town has retained an old-world charm that makes it a delight to visit again and again.


Live the gold rush era in Bendigo

Bendigo Cathedral
Sacred Heart Cathedral is a magnificent sandstone early English Gothic cathedral featuring Italian marble, stained glass, granite and limestone. The height of the main spire is 86 metres which adds to its imposing size. The land on which the cathedral now stands was part of the Backhaus Estate left by the first priest on the Victorian GoldFields.

Vintage Talking Tram
Take a historic tour of Bendigo in a nostalgic vintage talking tram from the 1890s when trams were a part of life in this goldfield town. It’s a novel way of taking in the sites of Bendigo and learning about its history. Similar to hop on and hop off buses used in major cities, the talking trams allow you to stop off and explore the sites at designated stops and then hop back on when you are ready to continue.

Central Deborah Gold Mine
The Central Deborah Gold Mine takes its name from the story of a penniless English lord who came to Bendigo to strike it rich and fell in love with a local chorus line girl, called Deborah. The lord tried in vain for years to find gold but was found dead one day with a gold nugget in his hand. Grief-stricken, Deborah refused to leave the mine until one day, she mysteriously vanished. There have been many sightings of her ghost in Bendigo since that time. You can visit the mine and learn more about the story and the gold rush period in Australia’s history.

Antique Shops
Avid antique collectors and anyone looking for a special item for their house or a personal gift are advised to spend some time in Bendigo to browse the town’s impressive list of antique shops. Aside from the shops, there are regular auctions where you can bid for a piece of furniture, a rare book or fine china among other things. Just witnessing an auction can also make an interesting day.

Wine was first produced in the Bendigo region when European visitors to the goldfields planted grapes here and passed on their winemaking tradition. The most popular varieties produced in Bendigo are shiraz, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc but many other grapes are also grown, including rare ones such as mataro and touriga.


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